A Community in Learning - Curriculum Capers

As a Community in Learning, throughout 2018 we will be working together to cultivate an environment of excellent learning and teaching for all students. For the first few weeks of school teachers are spending lots of time getting to know the students in their class and establishing routines and structures that will foster the development of learning environments through which your children will be able to reach their full potential.

Throughout 2018 we continue to have an explicit and targeted focus in all our classrooms on literacy learning and teaching in the areas of reading and writing. We are working as a team to achieve this through consistent practice, and developing a collaborative culture within our school community. Our teaching staff believe that we have a shared responsibility for positive learning outcomes for all the children in our care.

Teachers have already started to collect information about the reading and writing progress of all students at our school. In addition to this, we are also gather information about students’ progress particularly in Mathematics.

When developing units of work in line with the Australian Curriculum, teachers look at where the children have come from, where they are at and use informed judgements about each individual child’s learning needs when planning WALT’S (What we are learning) and WILF’s. (What we are looking for)

Our Curriculum Capers provides access to the specific focus in each learning area for the first part of this term. These are now available on our parent portal. They can be found under Forms and Documents for the relevant year level. Further details of curriculum will be provided at our parent night on Monday.​​​