An Educational Journey

A couple of weeks ago the P&F executive team attended a dinner for Catholic Education Week. We had the privilege of listening to guest speaker Andrew Oberthur principal of Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School. He spoke on the relationships between teachers and parents and how to have the best relationship that you can to help your child succeed. He has written a book titled Are You ready for Primary School This Year. I shared a snippet of his book last night at the P&F meeting which I thought was very powerful and gives a good insight into what the book is about.

“One of the greatest lessons parents and principals can share is that they are on this educational journey together and as such have the best interests of the child at heart. Education relies on both parents and school staff working together! Both parties need to accept that the educational journey may not be perfect. Education revolves around human beings and we all have flaws and imperfections. There will be “perfect” teachers for some children. There will be some teachers whose style matches the student’s learning style almost perfectly. There will be perfect parents for some teachers. There will be perfect years in the education journey. All this would be the ideal. However we rarely live in the ideal world. So hold on for the journey as we are just getting started.”

If you would like to purchase Andrew’s book or find out more information you can visit his website​