COVID-19 Update


Well in January we would have had no idea that we would be finishing Term 1 in the fashion that we have. From a teacher point of view the breathing space that this week has provided has been important to help St Peter’s move into an alternative learning space. We’ve missed the normality of school life though. It is important to me and St Peter’s school that you know that we continue to be always connected as a faith filled, learning community. We are with you and your children as this learning journey takes a different view for this time. While acknowledging that lessons and curriculum learning is important, wellbeing and connectedness are top of my list for all, and school is just an email or phone call away. Once again, my key messages to you and staff are KEEP IT SENSATIONALLY SIMPLE and WE’VE GOT THIS!​

I want to acknowledge each of you and the journey that you are having at this time doing this thing called life.  All have been thrown a curve ball – for some its been a fast one that has required some quick action, for others it was a spinning unknown that is still passing through and for some its been a strike out and the next time up to bat is unknown.. I say again – despite the “physical isolation” and the “state of the game” the team is together planning, training and bonding – the championship is far from being over.

For me it’s been a reflection time on the impermanence of things and control is an illusion. I’ve reflected on my reliance on things outside of me and what steps I can take now to become more self-reliant. I’ve reflected on my relationship with health and death for not just me but my family. Each day – no matter how tired or challenged I am, I am in control of my attitude and approach and I can make a difference for those around me. I see patterns when I don’t look after myself properly and how this does not serve me or the community. Painful experiences can be big teachers. In all the bigness of the situation where can I find time out to have fun for the sheer point of having fun – this gives back energy! I hold onto the thought that 'I’ve got this' no matter what the outcome. And at times there is nothing I can do to fix something and all I can do at that time is be present, be with and witness another’s journey.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT AT THIS TIME  – St Peter’s acknowledges the significant impact COVID-19 is having on families. Please know that there is financial assistance for families of St Peter’s affected available from Term 2. Please logon to the parent portal and complete a confidential COVID-19 concession application form and return to

Please see the FAQ page for further information.

So coming into the Easter break – stop as best you can.. don’t worry about school and worksheets and online tasks – Take the time to be with your families. Play, talk, cook together, laugh and tell your kids you love them! Connect in with our Catholic faith family at Easter and be part of the story and mass online. Click here to STAY CONNECTED.


Be on the look out for communication in second half of the Easter break. 

Easter reminds us that hope must never be lost for as dark as the road may seem, there always lies light at the end.

Sending each one of you and your families much health, happiness, humour, harmony and hope.

Bronwyn Buckley
on behalf of the St Peter’s Staff

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