Catholic Education Week

Normally, the third week of term 3 we, as a system celebrate Catholic schools. With COVID19 restrictions in place the normal celebrations are not occurring. Our students have access to resources that share a part of the larger story that Catholic schools and people have played. We also get to look at the St Peter’s School chapter in this larger story.

This year Catholic education in Queensland is celebrating 175 years. The first school was established in Brisbane in 1845 with 56 students and was run by Michael and Mary Bourke in Elizabeth St. This is now the site of the Myer Centre. The school was founded fourteen years before Queensland became a state in 1859. Since then Catholic schools have been established in all parts of Queensland offering Catholic education to children and their families. From the earliest days of the Catholic Church in Queensland, a Catholic school in the local area was seen as a high priority for new communities throughout Queensland. For many years religious orders such as the Mercy Sisters and Christian Brothers ran and taught in Catholic schools. One of their missions was to bring education to the children of poor Catholic families in rural and isolated regions.

175 years on, there are now more than 300 Catholic schools in Queensland. 142 primary, secondary and Prep-to-Year-12 schools are in the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

For those interested to hear a bit more about Catholic Schooling in Australia click here to view a clip.

For us at St Peter’s, the Presentation Sisters (founded by Nano Nagle) were invited to begin our school here in Rochedale in 1976. St Peter’s Parish began two years earlier and together they laid the foundation of our school.In our latest newsletter you will find some photos of the buildings and grounds here at St Peter’s. It’s quite fun to match some of the places.

We ask for God’s blessing on our school community and all Catholic school communities. 

Lord; grant us the will to work together,the wisdom to listen to each other and plan together,in recognition of our role in supporting one another. Help us support child who enters who door to be inspired by Christs light. Let our schools be true examples of Christian witness in our world.  Amen