Choir News

‚ÄčThe Junior and Senior choir will commence rehearsals next week! At present, choirs are allowed to start up again within schools. The times for the choirs are below:

  1. Senior Choir: Monday morning 8.20am to 8.50am
    Senior choir is open to all children from year 3 to year 6. Students are allowed to come straight to the music room at 8.20am. Parents will need to complete an online permission slip to allow the morning roll to take place.
  2. Junior Choir: Tuesday second break in the music room
    Junior Choir is open to children in year 1 and year 2. Students who enjoy singing are encouraged to come to the music room during second break on a Tuesday. They can bring their lunch so that they are ready to sing after the eating bell.

Whilst, we are restricted with performances opportunities at present, Mrs Flood would like to continue helping the children to sing and to build repertoire together. If possible, we will perform for the school community when we are allowed. Singing is a fantastic way to engage and participate in music. Children can participate in the school community and have a voice.