Senior Choir - calling all singers

Senior Choir is rehearsing on a Monday morning at 8am in the Simon Peter Hall. The Senior Choir is open to all students from year three to year six. The choir rehearsal has moved to a Monday morning this year. We have some dedicated early birds who have been supporting this program, but we are looking for more children to join and to make the commitment this year. Mrs Flood would like to encourage the year five and year six students who have attended choir in previous years to continue to support the school choir. This group of children have much to offer the school in their leadership and they can lead the younger children in
harmonies. The choir is a beautiful way to start the day and a fantastic opportunity to gain some performance experience. Singing ​in a choir is how young children learn to process and understand
music. Singing is their first step in developing musicianship. Please come along and support this group.