Christmas Wishes

Well we have made it to the end of the 2019 year. Time flies when you are having fun as they say! The school leadership team would like to offer all in the community a heart felt thank you for the way you have positively supported your children, their teachers and the school this year. We are really proud of all the students at St Peter’s. Every one of them has grown in their learning journeys and all have also grown in who they are as young people learning how to be in the world. We are always blown away by the capacity children have to show love and acceptance and amazing insight.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all those families and staff that are leaving St Peter’s at the end of 2019, all the best on their next adventures. A school is ultimately made up of the people that come through its doors and then the story of a school is created by each individual and group. Thank you for writing your part of the school story. Know that you will always be a part of us, and I hope that you take the best of St Peter’s away with you in your hearts. To the families that are returning we look forward to welcoming you again through the gates on Wednesday the 29th of January.

Thanks to the incredibly dedicated staff that work here at St Peter’s. You each deserve a well-earned rest. Thank you for having the children of St Peter’s at the heart of what you do.

On behalf the of the leadership team and school staff we wish all of you a very merry and holy Christmas season

From the Leadership Team