Draft Parent Charter

​Over the last few months a group of willing parents and the P&F executive have been formulating a draft parent charter – St Peter’s Parent ROCKS. It is included here for wider parental feedback. Click here to access the feedback survey.

We will look to launch this at the start of the 2020. We will also be formulating a social media/ communication guideline document and formalise the role of parent representatives and how they can be positive role models and support for other parents with understanding “school life”. Id like to personally thank Brooke, Emma, Jess, Jacqui and the P&F executive for their time, expertise, voice and positiveness throughout the process.

RESPECT : We treat all in the community with respect in word, action and thought. We understand that there are different opinions and perspectives and together we try to reach new understandings and find common ground. We come from a place of appreciation and thanks.

OWN IT: We acknowledge that each of us plays a distinctive role in the education of our children. As parents we are active participants in our children’s learning journey in education faith and relationship building.

We do this by modelling positive behaviours and teaching our children to take responsibility for their own learning and actions. We give them the space and opportunity to build resilience, persistence and problem solving skills through mistake making.

COOPERATION: The school and home actively participate and work together in a spirit of co-operation and partnership in the education of all students. Proactive, positive and productive communication and trust are key elements in this partnership.

KEEP TRYING: We acknowledge that when working in community mistakes and disagreements occur. We keep trying to follow school processes to find solutions. We come from a place of empathy for all.

SAFETY: We acknowledge that all in the community have a right to feel safe and belong at St Peter’s and in its online communities. We all play a part in creating a warm, positive and empowered school.