Guidance Counselling Services continue

​Our Guidance Counsellor, Samantha Rittson, will continue to provide counselling support to students as required if we enter a period of school alternative education provision. Although there will be some differences to usual procedures, St Peter’s will endeavor to provide wellbeing support during this period of disruption. We are all in this together and we will continue to support our community as best we can.

If face-to-face services are no longer available, there are several ways you can request Guidance support. You ca​n telephone or email the school directly during normal school hours. Alternately, a confidential Request for Guidance Counsellor support has been set up as a link in the Parent Portal on the school website. Once a request has been submitted, our Guidance Counsellor will make contact as soon as possible and offer suitable contact times. The Guidance Counsellor will be available during usual school hours from Monday to Wednesday. All normal consent and record keeping procedures will be followed.

Guidance Counsellors will consider:

  • Whether the presenting issue is appropriate to be managed remotely.
  • If the presenting issue needs face-to-face management, a referral to an external provider will be suggested.
  • The age of the student. Primary students will require their parent/s to support access to the Guidance Counsellor.

How the sessions will work: Students may indicate whether they would prefer a phone call or an email session and provide a phone number or email contact. Students (and parents of Primary students) will be advised as to privacy and confidentiality considerations and encouraged to discuss/consider the expectations regarding this contact.


Remote counselling issues to consider:

  • Consent - The Guidance Counsellor will discuss your consent for the session and the conditions which they will be following.
  • Privacy - Make sure you are in a private place for your session. Your Guidance Counsellor will take reasonable steps at their end to protect your privacy, but you have responsibility to consider the privacy at your end.
  • Distractions - Please attempt to minimise distractions during your session. Treat your counselling appointment as you would a face-to-face session; your Guidance Counsellor will do likewise.
  • Confidentiality and safety - If your Guidance Counsellor is concerned about your safety or the safety of another student, the usual limitations around confidentiality exist. Information regarding risk and safety will be shared with an adult who is able to monitor your safety, or the safety of the student concerned.


If the matter is of an urgent psychological nature pleases call 000 or go direct to the Emergency Department at the local District Hospital.