Music News

The senior choir are performing as part of the Queensland Catholic Music Festival at Villanova College
at Coorparoo on Friday August the 17th. The performance is in the Tolle Lege Room at Villanova College. The choir will perform at 10.30am. The music festival involves many students from around Brisbane. It is a celebration of music and is a very positive event for the choir. The children will sing two songs at the event. Every choir will be acknowledged with a Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate. Singing in this event is an exciting performance opportunity, that allows the choir to experience performing.

Families are welcome to meet the choir at Villanova College to support our young singers. There is a cost of entry of $5.00 per adult. The Senior Choir will be accompanied by Mrs Cridland, Mrs Parlamas, Mrs Northey and Mr Amedee. Please arrive at school at 8.15am to board the bus at 8.30am. The return bus will leave Villanova College at 11.15am. Children can bring a water bottle and a first break snack to take on the bus. First break times may vary, but children will have time to eat. Children will return to class after the choir morning. 

Many thanks for the support of Mrs Carmel Northey for her piano accompaniment and Mr Chris Amedee for his guitar and voice work. We have had two experienced musicians supporting the choir as they take on this challenge.‚Äč