School Theme 2021 - 'Let Love Live'

Our School theme for 2021 is ‘LET LOVE LIVE!’. Each year we align our focus with one of our statements from our school vision. In 2021 we focus on being a Community in Learning and how we can continue to build an engaging and enriching environment that nurtures growth in each person.

Our 2021 theme is centred around exploring a variety of experiences for students, staff and our community to give practical expression to love in action. This year we have introduced the idea of ‘heart prints’. Just like we have handprints or can leave footprints in the sand, a heart print​ is the impression left by an act of kindness. Our staff and students are already thinking about ways we can Let Love Live at St Peter’s and leave many heart prints.

Our School Motto is ‘Learning through Christ’ and this year we reflect on the ways that Jesus Let Love Live. Through his teachings and actions, we have many examples from scripture of how Jesus expressed God’s love through acts of kindness, compassion, forgiveness.

We will also learn more throughout the year about St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Australia’s first Saint, and how she saw God’s love in everyone she met and the many ways she was an example of love to the people in the early Catholic communities and schools which she helped to establish.

Our theme ‘LET LOVE LIVE!’ reminds us that at the heart of everything we do is the Christian belief that each of us is made by love, for love in, the image of God and therefore has an intrinsic dignity as a child of God and is to be treated with love, care and respect.