St Peter's Feast Day

Semester 1 ends with our celebration of our patron on the Feast day of Saint Peter. Each year on the 29th of June, the Church recognises St Peter as a leader in Faith. St Peter is the patron saint of the school and parish. Peter was one of the Twelve Apostles who Jesus chose as his original disciples. Peter was a Galilean fisherman, originally named Simon. His name was changed to Peter, meaning ‘rock’. Saint Peter is often referred to as "the rock on which the church was built". Jesus was speaking about the foundations for service and discipleship in the Church. He speaks not of the strength of the rock as the foundation for a church building, but the strength of spirit in discipleship that must be used to create a community working for God’s kingdom. St Peter is often depicted being given special roles of responsibility and leadership from Jesus. After Jesus’ death and resurrection Peter continued Jesus’ work and is remembered as the first Pope. This year, as A Community in Learning we are challenged to think about what can we learn from the life of Saint Peter to help us to continue to build a community of faith today?

Children are asked to wear their coloured house team shirts to school on Friday the 29th of June for our St Peter’s Day Activities. We will gather for a whole school mass at 9:30 am on Friday the 29th of June. Parents are invited to join us for mass and for the other activities throughout the day.