Student Safety a Priority

It was so great to see our school become a sea of red last Friday to commemorate ‘Day for Daniel’.

Day for Daniel is a National Day of Action to raise awareness about child safety and protection. Parents, carers and guardians are asked to start a conversation about personal safety in the real world and in an online environment.

Wear Red and Educate is the theme of ‘Day for Daniel’ and the objectives are:

  • To raise awareness about child safety and protection and to promote a safer community for children.
  • To educate children regarding their personal safety and empower them to RECOGNISE, REACT and REPORT.

What does RECOGNISE, REACT and REPORT mean?

RECOGNISE encourages students to be aware of their surroundings and to recognise body clues in situations where they don’t feel safe. REACT helps students to consider choices that may keep them safe or help make them safe again as quickly as possible. REPORT encourages students to report unsafe incidents to a trusted adult.

The Australian Government eSafety Commissioner have recently launched a comprehensive, dynamic and interactive online safety hub for Australians. There really is no other place online quite like it!

Every page on their site has been updated with tailored advice, resources and support to ensure your experience online is an empowering and positive one. The website features exciting new material, including a section for young people led by young people, and key online safety issues you’re concerned about. A parents section discusses the 'big issues' and includes a range of practical tips and advice on what to do if things go wrong. You can also find a list of important services that can offer extra support.