Supporting Those in Need through Centacare

This year we know many families are struggling financially and as a school, we made a decision earlier in the year to put a hold on school wide fundraiser campaigns.

We are, however, promoting the Annual Catholic Campaign and their Centacare Appeal for any of our St Peter’s families who still feel they are in a position to donate to those less fortunate. Your donations can be made online, directly at:

The real pain of this pandemic has been felt by the most vulnerable and marginalised in our community. The frail, the homeless, the disabled and those suffering domestic and family violence. Those people who have lost their livelihoods and have nowhere to turn.

What started as a health crisis quickly escalated to a financial one. Now it is also a humanitarian crisis where the weakest and most vulnerable among us need our support more than ever. It has been a long journey already, and it is by no means over.

For most of us, the idea of being homeless is inconceivable. With friends, support networks and families to catch us when we fall, we know that should the worst happen, we have a safety net of loved ones in place.

But for thousands of people in our local community the loss of security, the fear of not knowing where to turn next, and the grief of not being able to provide a home for their children is very real.

Funds raised will assist to provide services like crisis accommodation and would make a big difference to secure more houses, to offer counselling and support, to provide food and necessities for people who desperately need it. The Annual Catholic Campaign is officially held on the weekend of the 19th & 20th of September in all Parishes within the Brisbane Archdiocese.