The Arts at St Peter's

At St Peter’s we strive to maximise opportunity for quality learning and teaching in all areas, including The Arts. This year we have restructured our Arts program by lengthening the lesson times for all specialist lessons. This decision was made in consultation with our staff, and has allowed for less time spent on transitioning between classes and more time spent on learning and teaching.

Due to timetabling constraints this has meant a change in the way in which students are exposed to the strand of Drama. The area of Drama, (previously taught by an individual teacher) is now conducted in the classroom as part of integrated units of work. In line with Australian Curriculum guidelines over the course of the year, students from Prep to Grade 2 participate in 40 hours of learning and teaching in The Arts. Music and Visual Arts are taught by a specialist teacher. Dance will be taught in Semester 2 by an outside agency, and Drama is integrated into classroom units of work.

Over the course of the year students in Grades 3-6 are provided with approximately 50 hours of learning and teaching in the area of The Arts, in line with Australian Curriculum expectations. From Grades 3 to 6,  students participate in Art and Music lessons. Grade 3 and 4 with a Music and Visual Arts lesson each week and Grade 5 and 6 on a rotational, term basis. They also participate in Drama through classroom learning and teaching. Like the lower grades, dance will be taught in Semester 2 using an outside agency.

The Arts has always been, and will continue to be an essential part of learning and teaching at St. Peter’s. Over the course of 2018 we look forward to celebrating our student’s successes in this area.​