Week 9 Wellbeing Week

​​This week we have focused on Child Safety to coincide with Queensland Child  Protection Week. Our theme is 'Crafting a Safer World!' Child  protection is everyone’s business. The responsibility lies with adults in keeping children safe from harm.  All members of society need to play a part in ensuring children are nurtured and safe. Adults are  essential in ensuring children’s safety and well-being. Listening to children and young people is the  number one indicator in assisting their safety and well being. Children and young people are honest. They are unlikely to lie about abuse. They are more likely to stay quiet about abuse or harm, than to speak up (especially if they know their abuser). Talking about personal safety is one of the most important things you can do as a parent or carer. Personal safety education provides children with the knowledge they need to recognise potentially unsafe situations or people and know how to respond. It is part of  preventing abuse and keeping kids safe. This week all students will be completing activities about child safety and watching Australia's Biggest Child Safety Lesson from the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. ​

The following key phrase is important for all our students to know. RECOGNISE REACT REPORT 

We want our children to RECOGNISE when situations are unsafe. Our body gives us clues that tell us if  we are unsafe. We want our children to REACT if they are feeling unsafe whether this is removing  themselves from the situation, finding a trusted other, stopping a behaviour, going to a safe place. We  want our children to REPORT to a trusted adult. Children need to be able to name 5 trusted adults they can talk to. At school we have trained personnel for children to come and talk to. They are known as Student Protection Contacts (SPCs). ​

The St Peter’s  Student Protection Contacts are: 

  • Bronwyn Buckley (Principal) 
  • Samantha Rittson (Guidance Counsellor) 
  • Kathleen Crawford (APRE), and 
  • Teresa Krabbe (STIE). 

All staff members also take part annually in professional development in this area.  For more information about student protection processes at St Peter’s head to our website​. Here you can also access our whole school behaviour support plan and Child and Youth Management Strategy. All parents who volunteer to work with students (or come onsite) must complete the volunteer induction program, this is accessed HERE.