Coming Up at St Peter's

It's hard to believe but we are about to start the last week of Term 1. We have so much to celebrate as a community for the positive way that 2021 has begun. Well done to all our students on the way you have engaged with your learning and friendship. Thank you to all our parents for helping build school routines, supporting children with their learning and for working with the school in educating our students. A big shout out to all staff for meeting the increasingly heavy demands of learning and teaching in this day. As a community we have shown that let love live is indeed being lived by all in our community.

Some quick updates to know for week 10 and the start of Term 2

  • Term 1 - School concludes Thursday 1st April at 3pm
  • Term 2 - School resumes Monday 19th April, 2021
  • REMINDER - school photos are Wednesday 31st March. Sibling photos session begins from 7.30am in the school hall. Students are to be in their formal uniform. Year 6 students are encouraged to bring in their 'leader' shirts. Any students that usually wear their sports uniform on Wednesdays, please bring your sport shirt in your bag to change into.
  • ​Year 6 camp is held on the first day of term 2. Remember to return all forms ASAP if you haven't already.
  • If you are ordering for Tuckshop on Thursday 2nd April the cut off is this Monday at 8am. There is a special Easter menu available.

May the message and power of the holy week story remind us all of God's great love.

We wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday and see you all for the start of Term 2!