​Welcome to the 2021 school year. All the staff here are so proud of the way that all the students have started their school year. Thank you to all parents/carers for preparing your children so well for their transition back to school. Purchasing uniforms, books, naming items, getting routines going all helps our children settle in well knowing they have what they need. Thanks also for the way you entered the school grounds on Wednesday.

A huge welcome to all our new families both in Prep and other year levels.

School newsletters will be published fortnightly on a Friday. Many year levels will send out communication on the non newsletter weeks. It will also be important to watch out for parent slips, BCE connect/ parent portal announcements for other events and important news and reminders. Classes have also begun publishing photos through class blogs. Theses can be accessed from the parent portal or through the BCE Connect App. Please contact the office if you are having trouble accessing these systems. Instructions can be found in this newsletter. The quick links mentioned above also link you to these important communication systems. Remember the school is on Facebook and now Instagram.

This week our new Prep students have had shortened days and parents/carers have had the chance to meet their classroom teachers. We had lots of thumbs up from our new families and children after day 1. Other classes also settled in well, greeting old friends and new. Yr. 6 students are feeling excited about their role of student leaders. We met as a leadership group on Wednesday and talked about roles, responsibilities, and ideas how the year would look. A key message for all students is that they are all leaders, who by example and by action make a difference to St Peter’s. I am fully confident that this group of students will do this with pride and enthusiasm.