Enrolment Policy

Policy Statement

The process of enrolment is guided by principles of justice, equity and inclusivity that support Catholic ethos and vision. Acknowledging this, while Catholic schools in the Archdiocese give priority to consideration for enrolment to students who are baptised Catholics, where possible we fulfil our evangelical mission by also enrolling students from other faith traditions and for families that demonstrate that they share in the expressed values of our school. St Peter’s School remains open and welcoming to all who wish to join it.

Procedure for Enrolment

Terms 1 & 2: Enrolment Applications for all year levels (Prep to Year 6) are submitted at any time for the following school year
Term 2: Family Interviews (Parents/Guardians and Child) with Principal/Leadership Team member. Offers of placement are sent out and parents are asked to confirm enrolment by returning enrolment forms and enrolment fee of $100.
Term 4: Final offers of placements for the following year (all year levels). New family and Prep Orientation sessions held. Prep student transition program held. 

Policy Implementation

In the event of enrolment applications exceeding places available St Peter’s applies the following criteria to determine enrolment priority.

  • Sibling of students already in the school.
  • Catholic students/ families living and practicing within the parish community.
  • Catholic students living and practicing beyond the parish community but with special reasons for       applying.
  • Non-Catholic families seeking a faith-based education for their children.
For all of the above, belonging to a worshipping community of faith is a large
consideration in the decision-making process. A child can only be considered as a Catholic enrolment upon presentation of a baptismal certificate.
Children with special educational needs undergo an Enrolment Support Process (ESP). in accordance with Brisbane Catholic Education Enrolment Support Policies.
Application for enrolment are only considered as complete when the following documentation has been provided to the school.
  • Birth certificate
  • Baptismal certificate (if baptised)
  • Passport or Australian Citizenship Certificate for Parents and Children not born in Australia
  • If Parents are born after 20 August 1986, proof of Australian Citizenship (Parent Birth Certificate or Australian Passport)
  • Visa if you are in Australia on a Temporary/Permanent Visa
  • Last two School Reports and NAPLAN Report(s) (if applicable)
  • Any Learning Reports or Student Specialist Assessments (if applicable)
  • Any Medical Reports or Medical Action Plan (if applicable)
  • Legal Documentation eg:  Parental Agreements, Custody Orders etc. (if applicable)
  • Other documentation pertinent to the child’s educational needs at the school
Acceptance of applications for enrolment will be dependent upon the following considerations:
  •  age eligibility – a child entering Prep must be four years of age by 30 June of the previous year.
  • class sizes
  • the composition of classes
  • the physical accommodation available
  • the ability of the school to meet the child’s needs
  • the need to maintain the Catholic character/ethos of the school 
  • the discretion of the Principal
Our school is co-educational through to Year Six and all St Peter’s School students are encouraged to complete their primary schooling as part of our school community. It is our expectation that all children enrolled participate according to individual ability and capacity, in all aspects of the school’s curriculum.
It is also our expectation that all families enrolled agree to work with the school and to support our community values, beliefs and traditions by:
  • Committing and encouraging every opportunity for their child to experience and practice their faith at home
  • Accepting and encouraging all standards of behaviour, discipline, punctuality, dress, cleanliness, tidiness and other expectations of the school.
  •  Accepting that all students will partake fully of every aspect of the school program.
  • Supporting teachers and the school leadership team. Open communication is actively promoted.
  • Participating /being involved in all aspects of the life of the school.
  • Committing to the regular and timely payment of school fees and levies.
  • Honestly and accurately informing the school of any pertinent information regarding their child’s needs as part of the enrolment process
​Please click here to download a copy of our Enrolment Policy 

Pol​icy Reviewed: July 2019     Next Review Due: Feb 2021.​