Vision, Patron, History


St Peter’s School is 

a Community in Faith,
building our journey on the foundation of Jesus
and Peter through prayer, action and celebration 

a Community in Learning,
building an engaging and enriching environment
that nurtures growth in each person

a Community in Peace,
building just relationships that embrace all,
guided by the light of Nano Nagle

St Peter - Our Patron​​

Our school is named after the Apostle Peter.  He was one of the Twelve Apostles who Jesus chose as his original disciples.  We read many accounts of Peter’s life in the New Testament Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles.
Peter was a Galilean fisherman, originally named Simon.  His name was changed to Peter, meaning the rock.  He is often depicted being given special roles of responsibility and leadership from Jesus.
After Jesus death and resurrection Peter continued Jesus’ work and is recognised as the first Pope.  Saint Peter is often referred to as “the rock on which the church was built”.  His feast day is celebrated on 29th June.​


St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School was established by the Parish in 1976, led by the Presentation Sisters until the mid eighties and is administered by Brisbane Catholic Education. Through the 1980’s, the school grew rapidly into a three-stream school to accommodate Catholic children in this then outlying suburb of Brisbane. As the local population aged and more schools opened up in the vicinity, the school population levelled​​ out and returned to a two-stream school by the mid 1990’s. In 1995 a pre-school was established to cater for fifty part time pre-school students. As the Rochedale area expands so does St Peter's. Currently holding three classes in each year level from Prep to Year 6, St Peter's encompasses a diverse and engaged community. 

The school is situated on 5 hectares of land, located in a semi rural area on the southern outskirts of Brisbane, bordering Logan City. The Parish Church is located immediately adjacent to the school on the same site.

The school provides ‘cutting edge’ curriculum catering for students from Prep to year 6, including those students with special needs. Additional support for parents and carers is provided by St Peter’s Outside School Hours and Vacation Care.

The school is an integral part of the Parish and prides itself on the high quality relationship that has been established. Regular contact between Parish and school groups is nurtured. A close relationship is also encouraged and maintained amongst staff, parents and the wider community.​

A Brief Timeline of St Peter's Catholic Primary School​

  • 1974 Establishment of St Peter’s Rochedale–Springwood Parish. Fr Rollo Enright was the founding Parish Priest
  • 1976 School opened under the care of the Presentation Sisters with 44 students in Block A
  • 1979 Admin Block and Block B constructed
  • 1981 Block C constructed
  • 1983 Computers introduced to St Peter’s Classrooms
  • 1984 First Lay Principal in an Acting capacity
  • 1991 School Board formed
  • 1992 Outside School Hours Care commenced
  • 1995 Major refurbishment of school undertaken
  • 1996 Preschool opened
  • 1999 Air-Conditioned Computer Lab opened
  • 2001 Middle School (Years 6 & 7) established
  • 2002 Air-Conditioned Whole School
  • 2004 Art Shed refurbishment
  • 2005 Refurbishment of A Block
  • 2007 Prep commenced
  • 2009 Multipurpose Court constructed
  • 2011 Library, Hall and Amenities Blocks completed.
  • 2013 School extension - 2 additional classrooms
  • 2016 School celebrates 40 years
  • 2017 School Administration Block opened​