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2018 Uniform Policy.pdf

Uniform Shop

20180616SP-1265.jpgThe Uniform Shop is situated in B Block.

The Uniform Shop is open on 

Tuesday afternoons: 2.30pm – 3.00pm​
Thursday mornings: 8.15am – 9.15am

Uniform Requirements

Uniform and dress standards should reflect positively on St Peter’s School.    It is an expectation that students will present themselves in a manner that is not contrary to the social good of the school. Examples of this would be “Mohawk’ hairstyles, tracks or undercut hair styles, dreadlocks or Rastafarian braids.

No make-up, fingernail polish, coloured hair or tattoos are permitted.

It is a WHS requirement that hair (regardless of sex) extending below the collar be tied back with appropriate school hair ties.

Students may wear sleepers or studs.  Students in Years 3-6 may wear a watch. A necklace/chain around the neck may be worn only if a Christian Religious medal is attached to the chain.
No other jewellery is to be worn.



School Formal shirt    or   School “Polo” with Crest

Navy Culottes ​​with Crest   or   Unisex Short with Crest

Navy School Hat or Cap with Crest 

Short Blue Socks

Black Shoes (no Stripes)

Sports Days: Mondays or Tuesdays -  Instead of the School "polo" shirt, the Coloured House Polo shirt with crest is to be worn.

School Formal shirt    or   School “Polo” with Crest

Navy "Ruggers" Shorts with School Crest   or  Unisex Short With Crest

Navy School Hat or Cap with Crest 

Short Blue Socks 

Black Shoes (no Stripes)

Sports Days: Mondays or Tuesdays - Instead of the School "polo" shirt, the Coloured House Polo shirt with crest is to be worn.


Navy Fleece Track Suit  with Crest
On exceptionally cold days a navy long sleeved shirt or jumper can be worn under the tracksuit jacket
Navy tights optional 
Navy Fleece Track Suit  with Crest
On exceptionally cold days a navy long ​sleeved shirt or jumper can be ​worn under the tracksuit jacket 

 Please ensure that all items of clothing are CLEARLY LABELLED with your child’s name.


Hair Accessories:        Blue “scrunchie”; Blue Ribbons


It is recommended that Prep students wear Legionnaire hats.  Also it is requested that Prep students wear black shoes with Velcro fastening.  Students will also need to bring a spare set of underwear in their school bags in case of accidents.

Uniform Update

New Formal Shirt available now!!