Nano Nagle Library News


Hello everyone, welcome back to the library for 2022.

This year will see a few changes in the library.  I am now working part time, Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Jo Cridland will be sharing her curriculum role with library Thursday and Friday. Krystal Coleman, our library school officer will be working Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Lessons and borrowing will go ahead as per usual.

These are the borrowing days for Year levels:

​Prep and Yr 2
 No borrowing​
​Year 1
​Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Students in Prep to Year 3 need to have a library bag to borrow. Books are borrowed and returned every week. Older students will take longer but can extend their loans if they bring their book to the circulation desk.

Please encourage your children to take care of school resources and get your child to be responsible for their books by returning on time every week. This saves tears for little ones when they have forgotten their books. 

Happy Reading,

Merrill, Jo and Krystal