School Theme 2022 - 'REACH OUT!'


Our School theme for 2021 is ‘LET LOVE LIVE!’. Each y

Our theme for 2022 comes from our school vision to be a ‘A Community in Faith: Building our journey on the foundations of Jesus and Peter through prayer, action and celebration’.  This year we are invited on a journey in faith. We are encouraged to reflect and grow in our personal faith and think about ways we can live our vision and be a community in faith, learning through Christ. 

The practices of each Catholic Church community are modelled on the mission and ministry of Jesus. As a faith community, we consider how Jesus prayed, proclaimed the Good News, built peaceful relationships, cared for the marginalised, offered forgiveness and created a sense of belonging. With Jesus as our model, we are called to build a welcoming St Peter’s community who reach out to others. 

During 2022 we will share the story of St Peter and his qualities as a leader of the early Christian faith communities.  Peter became a messenger of God’s word through what he said and did. Peter took the message of Jesus to many people and shows us how we can also be messengers of God’s word in our own lives.