Students from Year 1 to Year 3 will use a Handwriting Mat and/or Book to assist them in using correct formation of letters and numbers according to Queensland Cursive Script.

  • It is important that finger exercises and warm-up activities are used to help students to develop fine motor skills.
  • Classroom teachers will monitor correct posture and positioning of book.
  • Slant boards and pencil grips will be used where necessary for individual students.
  • HB lead pencils should be used. Pacers should be discouraged for students in the Early Years.

Students in Year 4 – 6 will begin to develop own handwriting style. Teachers will need to impress upon them the need for legibility and consistency, that is, all printing or cursive in the one piece of writing.

  • Students will use HB pencil/pacer until issued a licence to use a blue pen when they are in year six or seven.
  • Handwriting style will differ between students and printing or cursive is acceptable as long as it is legible and a consistent style is used.
  • Added flourishes to normal handwriting will be discouraged. (circles for dots on “i” and curly letters).
  • No liquid paper or similar product is to be used by students.
  • Rulers will be used for drawing lines or underlining work.
  • Students will be encouraged to use computer for the publishing of written assignments. This will be done at the teacher’s discretion.

At St Peter’s School, we recognise individual differences in students. Teachers will need to make professional judgements when it comes to individual students’ work whose special needs have been identified.