Library Resource Centre

St Peter’s Library Resource Centre (LRC) aims to be a vital part of the school’s teaching and learning program by providing an up-to-date and well-balanced collection of resources that reflect the school’s teaching and learning program facilitating Cooperative Planning and Teaching (CPT) between the Teacher-Librarian and classroom teachers so resources are used effectively.

Borrowing Times

The LRC is open for general borrowing for students:
BEFORE SCHOOL: Monday - Friday
LUNCHTIME: Monday - Friday
CLASS BORROWING: Most classes borrow during their weekly library session.




Borrowing Limits

To enable circulation of books, and to maintain a regular supply of books on the shelves, the students may borrow the following number of books.
​Prep to Year 2 ​1 book plus 4 take home readers
​Year 3 ​1 book plus 4 take home readers
​Years 4 to 6 ​3 books
(Borrowing limits may be extended on an individual basis to suit a particular research assignment by negotiation with library staff.)

Students are encouraged to change their books regularly during open LRC hours.
Students from Prep to Year 3 MUST have a SCHOOL LIBRARY BAG.


Don't forget our St Peter's Subscription to World Book Online. Simply click on the link above and enter the required logon details. If you have misplaced this information please contact Mrs Wright in the Library via email or on 3341 4800.

This link may also be accessed via the "Contacts & Links" menu above or via the "Student Links" page of the website.

Library Sessions

Each class has a weekly library session with the Teacher-Librarian (T-L).   Students complete literature and research skills planned cooperatively by the T-L and class teacher to complement or extend current classroom units of work.  Students also borrow during this time.

Lost Books

Overdue notices are printed at the end of each term. Students cannot borrow if their book is overdue.  Borrowers who have not returned long overdue books by the end of term will receive a letter from the LRC requiring replacement costs to be paid.

Parent Help

Parents are welcome to help in the LRC with book covering, mending, maintenance and shelving.  Your support, no matter how big or small is ALWAYS welcome!!!!  Please come in to see us if you would like to help.

LRC Celebrations

Each year, the students have the opportunity to celebrate their love of reading through activities in BOOK WEEK. All students are offered the opportunity to buy books at discounted prices at our annual Book Fair.

You are always welcome in the Library Resource Centre …… 

Browse through the collection
Read our NEW books when on display
Share some time reading to / with your child
View your child's work on display
Feel free to ask for suitable books for birthdays etc…