Healthy Eating

As part of our holistic approach to lifelong learning and development of our students, we are committed to educating them in all aspects of their lives, including diet and recreation.

Our approach is not to ‘ban’ foods; parents are entitled to pack their child’s lunch with whatever they see fit.  We are trying to educate by providing tasty and nutritious alternatives to those foods contributing most to obesity in students.  We are following guidelines set out in the Queensland Government’s “Smart Choices” strategy, which basically means that in a 100 gram serving there is:

  • Less than 5 grams fat
  • Less than 1000 kj (240 calories)
  • Less than 500 mg sodium

As we find foods and suppliers that meet these guidelines at a reasonable cost, we will bring them to you, and trust that the families of St Peter’s get behind this initiative and support the tuckshop and their students in making “smart choices”.

For students’ safety Pull Top Cans are not permitted at the school.

*Source:  National Obesity Taskforce “Healthy Weight 2008” (2008)