Pastoral Care Program

Pastoral Care is the process within the School Community where the development of the whole child, (spiritual, academic, social, physical and emotional) is able to be nurtured. It is the expression of care in the school community, which brings together the diverse aspects of school life (academic, social, physical and religious). Pastoral Care is modelled on the teachings of Jesus and is the everyday expression of our Christian values.


Students have the right to pursue a curriculum, which responds to their individual needs and situations, in an affirming and safe environment, fostering positive relationships at all levels. Through our positive, open atmosphere we welcome all and provide a safe, caring environment, which nurtures growth.

Guiding Principles:

Pastoral Care is expressed through the ethos of the community and involves every person (parents, students, staff members, Parish Priest and Parish Workers).  The following principles underpin the policy and structure of the Pastoral Care Program at St Peter’s School:

  • All members have a sense of belonging, being valued and respected.
  • The uniqueness of each person is recognised, appreciated and affirmed.
  • Pastoral Care permeates the school day and is part of the implicit and explicit everyday life of the school.
  • Everyone in the school is involved in the pastoral care of our students.
  • High quality interpersonal relationships between staff, students and parents are a responsibility shared by everyone through their example.
  • Evaluation of the Pastoral Care Program will take place at three-yearly intervals.

Structures and Strategies that support and foster Pastoral Care are:

  • Community Celebrations (Liturgy, Assemblies, St Peter’s Day, Fetes, Dances, Sporting Events)
  • Formal Pastoral Care Activities held on Wednesday afternoons.
  • Year 6/7 Leadership Program and Care Groups. Our school prides itself on having ongoing input from students on various issues concerning the school.
  • Program Achieve and Virtues Program
  • Peer Support Programs (WOW; House Groups; Peer Mediation)
  • Learning Communities- Pastoral Care will be supported in each learning area through daily staff/student interactions and across school support of class activities or endeavours.
  • Behaviour Management Policy: The community will actively support and implement a behavioural management policy that reflects gospel values.
  • Parents’ and Friends’ Association. The Association is acknowledged for their support in resourcing many aspects of the Pastoral Care Program. 
  • School Board- The School Board supports Pastoral Care within the school through specific policy writing and through sanctioning the programmes that exist in the school community. The Board also welcomes new staff members to our school and officiates at many whole school ceremonies.
  • Parent Participation Program:  Parents network in many situations connected with the school community e.g. reading, Tuckshop and Volunteer Help. The Parent Participation program will be encouraged and supported by staff members and the school community as a means of working together co operatively.
  • Camps/Trips-Students in Years 5, 6 and 7 will participate in year level camps and trips, which promote student/ teacher relationships, self-esteem, management skills and peer support.
  • Research Club: This group meets weekly to offer support to students in Year 6 and 7 who are completing research assignments. Appropriate school resources are offered to this group.
  • Cultural Activities
  • Conscious integration of caring and justice into the whole curriculum.
  • Staff Social Activities
  • Use of community resources: Seasons Program; School Counsellor; Intensive Monitoring Program (Students At Risk); Ready, Set, Read; Special Needs Program; Parish Priest, Social Skills Program
  • Comprehensive and Inclusive Approaches to Learning and Teaching. Staff continually work to ensure that curriculum provision is of the highest quality, socially responsibly and responsive to students’ needs.