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​Welcome to St Peter's Catholic Primary

St Peter’s School is a co-educational Catholic Primary School established in 1976 by the Presentation Sisters. It is now well established with modern facilities and set on 5 spacious hectares in the heart of Brisbane’s rapidly growing south-east. The buildings are strategically placed to preserve the beautiful park-like grounds.

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A Community in FaithA Community in FaithBuilding our journey on the foundations of Jesus and Peter through prayer, action and celebration.
A Community in LearningA Community in LearningBuilding an engaging and enriching environment that nurtures growth in each person.
A Community in PeaceA Community in PeaceBuilding just relationships that embrace all, guided by the light of Nano Nagle.

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Enrolment Applications now being taken!http://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/enrolments/Pages/default.aspx, https://schoolauthoring.bne.catholic.edu.au/schools/stpetersrochedale/enrolments/Pages/default.aspxEnrolment Applications now being taken!Don't miss out. Click here to find out more.

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https://bookings.parentteacheronline.com.au?school=ds26a, Parent Teacher Interviewshttps://bookings.parentteacheronline.com.au?school=ds26a, Parent Teacher Interviewshttps://bookings.parentteacheronline.com.au?school=ds26a, Parent Teacher Interviews
http://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/enrolments/Pages/Enrolment-Application-Kit.aspx, Enrolment Informationhttp://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/enrolments/Pages/Enrolment-Application-Kit.aspx, Enrolment Informationhttp://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/enrolments/Pages/Enrolment-Application-Kit.aspx, Enrolment Information
http://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/school-profile/Board%20P%20and%20F%20Partnerships/Pages/Volunteers.aspx, Volunteer Informationhttp://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/school-profile/Board%20P%20and%20F%20Partnerships/Pages/Volunteers.aspx, Volunteer Informationhttp://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/school-profile/Board%20P%20and%20F%20Partnerships/Pages/Volunteers.aspx, Volunteer Information
https://mybcecatholicedu.sharepoint.com/sites/sp-stpetersrochedale, School Portalhttps://mybcecatholicedu.sharepoint.com/sites/sp-stpetersrochedale, School Portalhttps://mybcecatholicedu.sharepoint.com/sites/sp-stpetersrochedale, School Portal
http://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/school-profile/Board%20P%20and%20F%20Partnerships/Pages/Parents-and-Friends-Association.aspx, P&F informationhttp://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/school-profile/Board%20P%20and%20F%20Partnerships/Pages/Parents-and-Friends-Association.aspx, P&F informationhttp://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/school-profile/Board%20P%20and%20F%20Partnerships/Pages/Parents-and-Friends-Association.aspx, P&F information
https://extranet.bne.catholic.edu.au/parent/stpetersrochedale, Parent Portalhttps://extranet.bne.catholic.edu.au/parent/stpetersrochedale, Parent Portalhttps://extranet.bne.catholic.edu.au/parent/stpetersrochedale, Parent Portal
http://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/enrolments/Pages/Fee-Information.aspx, Pay School Feeshttp://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/enrolments/Pages/Fee-Information.aspx, Pay School Feeshttp://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/enrolments/Pages/Fee-Information.aspx, Pay School Fees

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Pancake Tuesday Fundraiserhttp://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/community-news/Pages/Pancake-Tuesday-Fundraiser.aspxPancake Tuesday Fundraiser<p>Please bring a gold coin donation along on Tuesday the 16th of February to support Project Compassion. Project Compassion is an annual appeal held each year during Lent to support Caritas Australia and the work the do to support communities in need. Each child will receive a pancake on Tuesday following the Covid-Safe Guidelines for distribution of food in schools. </p><p>*Please do not send any home-made pancakes to school on Tuesday to share with your child’s class. If your child has any special dietary requirements, you may send along an item in their lunchbox for them to eat.</p><p> With Pancake/Shrove Tuesday taking place before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday, it was traditionally the day when Christians were encouraged to go to confession in preparation for the penitential season that would end 40 days and 40 nights later with Easter Sunday. Dating back to 1000 AD, over the years Shrove Tuesday not only became a day for confession but a time for Catholics to feast on eggs, sugar and dairy which are traditionally restricted during the Lenten fast.</p><p><img src="/community-news/PublishingImages/ShroveTuesdayWhatIsIt.jpg" alt="ShroveTuesdayWhatIsIt.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:556px;" />​</p>
P&F Newshttp://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/community-news/Pages/P-and-F-for-2017.aspxP&F News<p class="ms-rteElement-P" style="text-align:justify;">​​<img alt="StPetersPandF.jpg" src="/community-news/PublishingImages/StPetersPandF.jpg" style="margin:5px;" /> <br></p><p class="ms-rteElement-P" style="text-align:justify;"></p><div></div><div><div></div><div><div></div><div style="text-align:justify;">​<br></div><div style="text-align:justify;"><p>Thank you to the wonderful St Peter's parents who attended the first St Peter's P&F meeting of 2021! As well as being a positive meeting to start 2021, it was the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to nominate and confirm the executive P&F team for 2021. The meeting was attended by Bernadette Kay from 'Catholic School Parents Queensland', who discussed that the P&F team's focus is to support the School Principal. By supporting the school Principal, the P&F supports the school and learning in the school. She discussed parent engagement in schools, noting the positive impact that parent involvement has on our children and the entire school community. Bernadette's attendance was a great start to the meeting.<br><br>Regarding P&F events for 2021, as they are confirmed, information will be provided through the Parent Portal, school newsletters and the St Peter's P&F Facebook page - 'St Peter's <a href="https://www.facebook.com/St-Peters-Rochedale-PF-1446472292255214/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noreferrer">'St Peter's Rochedale P&F'</a>. We welcome any event ideas you have so please send through any ideas for events you would enjoy being involved in and attending to <a href="https://gmail.com/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noreferrer">stpetersparentsandfriends@gmail.com</a>.<br><br></p><p>The P&F is working on developing a new plan for funding requirements in St Peter's. While raising funds is not the main objective of the P&F, the P&F does provide significant funds for projects around the school. Examples of P&F funds use in previous years include close to $125,000 for the flexible learning classroom furniture, $13,000 funding for the labyrinth, and allocation of around $40,000 to the planned St Mary Mackillop Learning area redevelopment.</p><p>The call out is beginning for Class Parent Representatives to volunteer for 2021. Class Parent Reps and the P&F team play a valuable role in demonstrating to our children the importance of education and the school community involvement. The P&F is supporting Class Parent Reps in 2021 by providing clarity on the role, assistance for all Class Parent Reps and introducing a Coordinator to assist the Class Parent Reps throughout the year. We understand that taking on a parent rep role for your child's class is a commitment, however as a group of parents, we can support each other, share responsibilities, and make a difference! Please let us know if you want to support your child's class as Class Parent Rep by emailing your class teacher or <a href="https://gmail.com/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noreferrer">stpetersparentsandfriends@gmail.com</a>.<br><br>The St Peter's P&F encourages you to 'like' us on Facebook and we look forward to working with you all soon!<br><br></p></div><br></div></div><h4 style="text-align:justify;">​​​​<em><strong>Meeting: Second Monday of Month, 7:00pm in Library Meeting Room</strong></em><br></h4><h4 style="text-align:justify;"><em><strong>All parents, teachers, and members of the community are welcome to attend the monthly meeting and have your opportunity to continue to make St Peter’s a great place for education of our children. All Parents are members of the St Peter’s P&F and are encouraged to attend and support where possible.​</strong></em></h4><p style="text-align:justify;"><br></p>
COVID Update for Schoolshttp://www.stpetersrochedale.qld.edu.au/community-news/Pages/COVID-Update-for-Schools.aspxCOVID Update for Schools<p></p><p></p><p>Earlier this week we received the latest advice about school practices. Please note the following:<br></p><ul><li><p>Risk assessment for all “parental attendance events” must include COVID guidelines. These must be signed off by principal and saved at school.</p></li><li>Adults visiting schools should be limited wherever possible. Drop off and pick up can be done without signing in but encouraged parents/carers to stay onsite for no more than 15 minutes and maintain physical distancing when doing so.</li><li>Special sanctioned events that allow parent attendance can be planned and held following COVID tracing, density, and hygiene protocols. Any before and after school are classified as events and have stricter requirements than normal everyday school actions. Invitational events will be used, (e.g. parent attendance at opening school mass is not possible so a separate leadership commissioning session has been set to allow Yr. 6 parents to attend this special occasion).</li><li>Volunteers are welcome but with normal COVID expectations (being healthy, register in office, distancing, and hygiene). Tuckshop volunteers should monitor these things especially distancing and number restrictions.</li><li>Events have separate entry and exit points.</li><li>There are implications for larger events such as the welcome disco/BBQ and swimming carnival. Modifications will need to be made for each event to meet all requirements of Queensland Health.</li><li>Food must be individually packed or distributed by designated people (no one puts their own sauce on!), tea stations must be distanced.</li></ul><p><strong>PLEASE NOTE OUR ANNUAL WELCOME DISCO AND BBQ HAVE BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL COVID AGREED FORMAT CAN BE ADVISED.</strong></p><p><strong></strong><b>​<br></b><br></p>