Inclusive Education

The Support Teacher – Inclusive Education (ST-IE) hours are allocated each year by Brisbane Catholic Education according to school enrolment numbers. The ST-IE works in partnership with the class teacher, parents/caregivers, the administration team and other associated professionals to plan for students with learning differences in order to maximise their access to the curriculum and to ensure the best possible outcomes for each student.  Parents play an important role in this partnership and cooperation, communication and collaboration are all essential for successful outcomes for our students.

Parents/caregivers may be:

  • invited to attend child study team meetings to address issues in relation to their child
  • invited to attend parent/teacher interviews with the class teacher and the LST
  • invited to drop in to the Rainbow Room for an informal chat with regards to their child
  • sent a letter outlining planned intervention for their child
  • referred to outside agencies for help in managing their child’s difficulties

N.B. Child study team meeting- formal, agenda, outside agencies, consultants, therapists etc involved

Intervention programs are complementary to classroom teaching and are planned in conjunction with classroom teachers and other associated professionals if applicable.  If the program requires that the student is withdrawn from the classroom, the parent/caregiver will be notified. The primary educational care of any students remains with the classroom teacher.

It is not the practice of the ST-IE to issue written reports at the completion of intervention programs.  However parents are encouraged to make an appointment with their child’s class teacher and/or the ST-IE if they wish to discuss their child’s progress or if they have any queries or concerns regarding intervention programs.

The following is a summary of St Peter’s Learning Support Intervention Programs.

In Class Support

st peters 205.jpgThe ST-IE may work in the classroom in conjunction with the Class Teacher to support one or more students who are experiencing difficulty.  This support may be long or short term and may extend across key learning areas.

Short Term Programs

  • At the request of the class teacher
  • Any Key Learning Area
  • Very specific objectives
  • Lessons in the Rainbow Room
  • 3 lessons per week over a maximum of 4 weeks
  • Group size 1-5

Long Term Programs

  • Referral from class teacher, principal, other professional
  • Broader objectives than for short term programs
  • Parents may be requested to attend interview and complete student information form
  • Placement reviewed at the end of each term
  • Lessons in the Rainbow Room
  • Group size 1-5
  • Lessons per week 1-3
  • Parents may be requested to attend end of semester interview

Specially Funded Programs

Each year St Peter’s puts in a submission for Commonwealth and State funding for students with special needs, ESL students and more general literacy and numeracy programs.  Funding from these sources is used in the following areas:

  • Teacher Aide Support: Students with a disability who have been formally ascertained as needing a very high level of educational support receive extra classroom support from a teacher aide/integration aide.
  • Ready Set Read Program:  This is an early intervention program targeting students identified at the beginning of year 1 as being in need of extra assistance with pre-literacy skills.  A trained teacher aide under the direction of the ST-IT runs the program.

Volunteer Tutor Programs

  • Volunteers are matched with individual students
  • LST/classroom teachers coordinate the program
  • 1-3 lessons per week


Students work one-on-one with a school officer or parent volunteer on reading skills including accuracy, fluency, phonemic awareness and comprehension skills.  1-3 lessons per week.

The Rainbow Room

The room used by the Support Teacher – Inclusive Education will be known as the Rainbow Room.  It will be used for consultation, withdrawal teaching, assessment, resource storage and other duties necessary to the role.  All students, parents and members of staff are welcome and encouraged to visit the Rainbow Room.

Child Study Team Meetings

Child Study team meetings are school based meetings which aim to provide guidance and support for classroom teachers of students presenting with special needs or high support needs. Students who are experiencing significant difficulties in areas which affect their learning are referred to this team, for example, social-emotional and/or behavioural difficulties, severe learning difficulties or disabilities.

A team of relevant personnel meet with the classroom teacher to discuss the student and consider appropriate intervention.  Relevant personnel may include members of the District Support Team (the Special Education Consultant and the Guidance Counsellor), the Principal, the Learning Support Teacher, Parents and School Officers.