Principal's Welcome

On behalf of our school community, I warmly welcome you to St Peter’s School and our school’s website.

St Peter was one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus and first leader of the early Christian community. Jesus told Peter “You are Peter, and, on this rock, I will build my community.” We use the symbol of the rock to signify the important foundation that faith, education and relationships has for us all.

As part of the network of Brisbane Catholic Education schools, St Peter’s provides an authentic experience of a Catholic Christian community where the focus is on living out Gospel values within our school, our parish and our wider community. Our vision of being a community in faith, a community in learning and community in peace continuously calls to us.
We have a diverse range of students attending our school; displaying different interests, talents, learning needs, styles and cultural heritages. Our students are enthusiastic, creative learners, keen to help others and build a school that is inclusive of all. As principal, I want each student in our care to be given as many opportunities to grow and shine, to be active co-creators in their learning, to strive for excellence and celebrate success, whilst having fun on the way. Whether it’s in their roles as student leaders, or preps investigating their environment I want all to have a voice in our learning and experiences. Whilst there is a continuing focus on each student’s success in their academic journey, a high priority for me is the importance of student wellbeing - that all our students feel safe, happy and develop tools for their personal wellbeing.
All staff are enthusiastic, highly dedicated and committed to the spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs of our students. They bring a wide range of experience, skills and expertise and a deep commitment to provide students with caring relationships and positive learning experiences. They look forward to working closely with our students and parents/caregivers.
We acknowledge parents and carers as the first educators of their children and seek to work alongside you, in their education. Continually finding ways to ensure open and honest communication, building strong relationships and a community is always a priority. I sincerely hope that you and your family will always feel welcome at St Peter’s.
I hope that you find our website to be a great source of information about our fantastic school. To really gain a true sense of our community, we warmly invite you to contact us to find out more or arrange a visit to experience St Peter’s for yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you to the St Peter’s School community

Come and experience for yourself why St Peter’s ROCKS!

Bronwyn Buckley