​​P&F and Parent Involvement

​​​​​​​​P&F Association

The Parents and Friends Association plays a vital part, as the official body of parents, in the school. Over the years, respective committees have worked with the staff at the school to provide vital resources and equipment for the school. All teachers and parents are welcome to attend P & F meetings throughout the year.

St Peter’s has a very active and supportive P. & F. Association, which meets monthly (usually the second Monday) during the school year. Meetings are held at 7.00pm – 8.30pm in the Library for the general community.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

The role of the Parents & Friends Association is focused on the following areas:

  • Provision of an educational forum for discussion amongst parents on a variety of educational issues;
  • Provision of community building activities which involve cultural and social events;
  • Coordination of fund raising activities for purchasing much needed resources

The key to success is good communication amongst parent/carers, staff and students. The school has benefitted immensely from the support of the Parent and Friends Association.


​​​We are very fortunate to have a number of people who volunteer to help out in various ways at St Peter's. Due to a legislative requirement, it is now mandatory that all volunteers (including parents of St Peter's students) undergo student protection and code of conduct training. Brisbane Catholic Education has developed an online training package to help facilitate this process. 

To access this online training and further instructions CLICK HER​E​​ (Open this online training in GOOGLE. You will experience difficulties in Microsoft Edge)

As a volunteer, you are required to

  • ​​​Download and read the Code of Conduct for Volunteers and Other Personnel​​

  • Complete the online presentation. (30 ​min online presentation)

  • Complete the Volunteer and Other Personnel Registration Form once you have completed the training​  The form is available at the end of training.

  • Please return this form to the school office. Your​ name will then be added to a central St Peter's Volunteer Register. 

We ask all volunteers to complete this training every TWO years (annually is preferred).

Remember when volunteering at school all people must sign in and out of the front office. A sign in/out book is located in the front foyer of the Office, along with volunteer labels. Please remember to sign in via the office before moving to other areas of the school. ​


Effective home school communication supports your child’s learning.  All administration and teaching staff are available, upon appointment, to meet with parents to discuss your child’s progress.  Classroom related matters are referred to the Class Teacher.  Whole school related matters are referred to the Principal or the Assistant Principal Religious Education.

Our Newsletter is a vital form of communication between home and school serving to strengthen our partnership in the education of your child.  The Newsletter is posted on the school website each Thursday afternoon after 4.00pm barring exceptional circumstances ….Please look out for it and read it to remain informed.​


Authentic partnerships are actively promoted within the school community.  The School Board, Parents’ and Friends’ Association and Parent Participation Programs operate to facilitate the development of partnerships amongst parents/guardians, staff, parish members and wider community.

Participation and collaboration are reflected in:

  • Open consultation processes that occur in developing, implementing and reviewing policies, procedures and other relevant issues.
  • Weekly Newsletters which outline events and matters relating to the school community.
  • Celebrations of Learning where students are able to share their learning with parents/guardians, peers and interested visitors.
  • Student Support Team Meetings where Equity Support Personnel work in partnership with parents and staff to facilitate education plans for individual students and the ascertainment process.
  • Educational Forums e.g. Guest Speakers; Curriculum Capers, where parents/guardians are given opportunities to discuss relevant issues.
  • Social Activities where parents/guardians, staff and students work together to organise and participate in building community.
  • Parental involvement in the everyday life of the school e.g. Art Classes; Library; Reading with students; Tuckshop.
  • School/Parish Community Masses and the Parish Sacramental Program.


In enrolling their students at St Peter’s School, the parents of our students have made a conscious choice to send their students to a school centred upon Jesus Christ, modelled on his teachings.

We, as teachers, have an obligation, to work with the parents of our students, for the total development of those students. In order to do this, every encouragement should be afforded the parents with whom you are in contact, in all areas of the school curriculum.

School Board

The St Peter’s Parish Primary School Board is the main policy making body for the school.  Membership on the board includes the Parish Priest, the School Principal, a representative from the P. & F. Association, the Parish Council of Ministries, the School Staff and three (3) from the general community.     

Parents & Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association plays a vital part, as the official body of parents, in the school. Over the years, respective committees have worked with the staff at the school to provide vital resources and equipment for the school. All teachers and parents are welcome to attend P & F meetings throughout the year.    

Parent Teacher Partnerships

Partnership Meetings 

These are held at the commencement of the school year. Teachers are free to hold these as:

(i)   Individual meetings with parents 

(ii) A class induction meeting, held at the one time so that all interested parents can attend. 

(iii) An across the year/level induction meeting where all the teachers in the year level have some input, then class groups split for individual information sessions. 

The purpose of these meetings includes:

(a)  Acquainting parents with:

  (i) The educational goals of the class

  (ii) The year's Religious Education Program

  (iii)  Classroom procedures

  (iv) Requirements in study, homework, assignments etc

  (v) Pastoral Care and disciplinary procedures

  (vi) Assessment and Reporting Procedures

(b) Answering parents’ queries.

These meetings are not for the discussion of individual children's progress.

Reporting Meetings

These meetings are held during Term Two as individual reporting sessions in which a student's progress, profile and goals are discussed.

The meetings provide an opportunity for the teacher, parents and students to look in depth at demonstrations of learning in order to discuss ways in which the student's progress may be planned for the remainder of the year.

Interim Meetings

It is recommended that teachers communicate with parents as the need arises. Parents wishing to talk to teachers during class time or immediately prior to, will be asked to seek a more suitable mutually agreeable time for further discussion.

In accordance with the obligations under the Privacy Act, staff may only discuss the behaviour of students with their respective parents/guardians.

Parent Participation

At St Peter’s the partnership shared by teachers and parents is highly valued.  An increasing amount of what is being done in our school today requires parental involvement.  We see this as a great assistance to our students, who at this age, fortunately love to have a parent or guardian doing something with them, or supporting them in some of their educational adventures.

To help us provide the best education for our students, parWP_000269.jpgents are welcomed in the following ways:

  • Assisting the teachers with reading, computers, craft, sport or in any area of the curriculum that you feel strong in or enjoy. (when requested)
  • Assisting in the library.
  • Assisting with excursions when required.
  • Assisting with transport when required.
  • Attending working bees at the school.
  • Assisting in the tuckshop​