St Peter's Everyday

Every Student Every Day​

Our St Peter's Everyday approach aims to help “every student" learn competencies and skills to be able to manage their emotions, behaviour and relationships. The “every day" systematic and selected social and emotional learning opportunities, effective teaching approaches, relationship-building exercises and fun, interactive experiences help maximise student engagement in their learning journey.

St Peter's Everyday approach includes agreed upon educational experiences and practices that support all “Every Student Every Day" to take their next steps in their learning journeys. Every child can succeed. It is the whole school communities' role to help support every one's progress and achievement.

We aim for a personalised approach to each students learning based on their strengths, challenges, experiences and learning needs. Grow mindsets, high expectations of all, evidence based and data informed teaching practices, provide learning opportunities, which enable each student to grow and learn mentally, physically and spiritually.

Our focus continues to build on developing the understanding and embedding the essential components of being a trauma sensitive school (Helping students feel safe, connected, able to regulate and to learn).

What this looks like at St Peter's

  • Building a sense of belonging for every student through welcome circles, check- ins and student voice projects and opportunities
  • Developing skills in emotional regulation
  • Understanding stress and its impact
  • Student focus for developing their own plan for getting back into the learning zone
  • Brain breaks
  • Regular wellbeing day learning focuses (healthy life, bullying, child protection, celebrating achievements, learning behaviours)
  • Teachers understanding importance of relationships with students
  • Lunch time play options for all children (inside and outside activities)