Volunteering at St Peter's

​​​We are very fortunate to have a number of people who volunteer to help out in various ways at St Peter's. Due to a legislative requirement, it is now mandatory that all volunteers (including parents of St Peter's students) undergo student protection and code of conduct training. Brisbane Catholic Education has developed an online training package to help facilitate this process. 

To access this online training and further instructions CLICK HER​E​​ ​(Open this online training in GOOGLE. You will experience difficulties in Microsoft Edge)

As a volunteer, you are required to:

  • ​​​Download and read the Code of Conduct for Volunteers and Other Personnel​​
  • Complete the online presentation. (30 ​min online presentation)​
  • Complete the Volunteer and Other Personnel Registration Form once you have completed the training​  The form is available at the end of training.
  • Please return this form to the school office. Your​ name will then be added to a central St Peter's Volunteer Register. 
  • We ask all volunteers to complete this training annually.

Remember when volunteering at school all people must sign in and out of the front office. A sign in/out book is located in the front foyer of the Office, along with volunteer labels. Please remember to sign in via the office before moving to other areas of the school. ​