Learning at St Peter's

​A key factor in improving educational outcomes for all students is providing a learning environment that unifies our language, modelling and relationships to meet the complex needs of all our students.  As a school community we aim to enhance the educational outcomes, including wellbeing, for all students through the implementation of evidence-based practice to enhance all daily classroom learning.  We acknowledge the foundation for academic outcomes stems from positive relationships. We recognise the critical importance of school relationships, personal perceptions and mental and emotional states required by students to be completely engaged in their learning. Within our classrooms we want to build self-confidence, enjoyment of learning and minimise fears around taking a risk to learn.

St Peter's Vision for Learning and Teaching

At St Peter's we believe that the essential focus of our school is the overall development of each child according to the needs and potential of the individual. We strive to provide a whole school curriculum that will enable each child to grow in their knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in the faith, learning and peace (relationships).

Our vision statement below highlights our beliefs and practices with regard to teaching and learning.​

St Peter's Vision for Learning & Teaching.png 
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​Our vision statement is positioned within the Brisbane Catholic Education Teaching and Learning Framework