Principal's Welcome

​​It is with great pride I welcome you to the St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School, website.  
In visiting our website, I hope you find it informative and gain a sense of the special character and uniqueness of our inclusive community.​

“Learning through Christ” is our school motto and recognises that our Catholic school is centred round the teachings and actions of Jesus.  St Peter's school story is particularly influenced by three key people of faith - St Peter, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and Nano Nagle. In 2022, we will have a special focus on St. Peter.  The image of our patron St Peter, as represented by the Cross and rock in combination, also serves to remind us of the strong foundations St Peter’s school provides for our growth in faith.  

Our school theme in 2022 is ‘A community in Faith : Reach Out!’  In Reaching Out to others, we continue Jesus’ inclusive work and acknowledge the uniqueness of each individual as they grow into the person God calls them to be.
In 2022, we plan to enact the first stages of our facilities master plan. The renewal of our facilities will allow for future growth and development of our school site while also addressing the contemporary learning needs of all our students.

We recognise that as parents you are the first and foremost educators of your children in faith and in life. In working in partnership with you, or aim is to respond to the aspirations you have for your child.  We warmly welcome your involvement in many aspects of the school.

We hope that all who come to St. Peter’s see Christ reflected in the people, structures and programs of our school.

God Bless,
 © BCE, St Peter's Catholic Primary School (2023).
Craig Acret.  ​         




  © BCE, St Peter's Catholic Primary School (2022).