Our Vision, Motto and Emblem


St Pet​er’s​​ School is 

a Community in Faith,
building our journey on the foundation of Jesus
and Peter through prayer, action and celebration 

a Community in Learning,
building an engaging and enriching environment
that nurtures growth in each person

a Community in Peace,
building just relationships that embrace all,

guided by the light of Nano Nagle

Motto and Emblem

​​“Learning through Christ” is our school motto and recognises that our Catholic school is centred round the teachings and actions of Jesus. Jesus’ life death and resurrection offers a world view of hope of each individual to live life to the full. St Peter’s focuses on students growing academically displaying a love of learning and forming spiritually to be able to transform and enrich our world. 

The image of our patron St Peter, as represented by the Cross and rock in combination, also serves to remind us of the strong foundations St Peter’s school provides for our growth in faith.
The cross, rock and lantern are prominent in each classroom and around the school to highlight our special religious heritage and character.
The life examples of Nano Nagle and St Peter, whose lives and actions were shaped and transformed by the teachings of Jesus, have inspired our school motto, which is Learning Through Christ.​