School Staff

​​​​​​​​​​​​​At St Peter's we have an amazing staff of teachers and support people who work together to ensure a safe and rich learning environment for all students.

The school is led by our Principal with the Assistant to the Principal Administration (APA), Religious Education (APRE) and Primary Learning Leader making up the leadership team.

The teaching staff is known for their respect for all children and for their commitment to helping each child reach their potential.  Classroom teachers are supported by the Special Education - Inclusive Education (STIE), Teacher Librarian and Guidance Counsellor. Specialist teachers help to enhance the learning experiences of the children. School Officers assist teaching staff to provide support to all children. A range of support staff working in Administration, Finance, Grounds and Cleaning support the operations of the school and maintain the school's facilities.

All staff are employed by Brisbane Catholic Education through the Principal as its representative. Each year, the principal in consultation with the parish, school and Brisbane Catholic Education reviews the staffing needs of the school in relation to enrolments and curriculum needs. At varying times in the year teaching staff may be absent for short periods of time due to illness, attendance at seminars, planning etc. The school will provide a suitable replacement teacher from a list of qualified teachers provided by Brisbane Catholic Education for those occasions. 

School Leadership Team

Mr Craig Acret
Mrs Elizabeth Morrissey
Acting Assistant Principal
Administration (APA)​
Mrs Kathleen Crawford
Assistant Principal
Religious Education (APRE)
Miss Laura Mansour
Primary Learning Leader

School Administration Team

​Mrs Deborah Spranklin
Finance Secretary
Mrs Helen Hedditch
School Secretary
Ms May Fraser
School Secretary



For details of positions currently available at St Peter's Catholic Primary School, or other BCE Schools, please click here.​