This community recognises the value of homework as a worthwhile learning experience. Effective homework fosters communication, supports the development of study habits and provides ongoing reinforcement of class activities.

Guiding Principles:

Homework should not be stressful to the student or the family.
Its implementation should be understanding of the needs of family life. Activities should be a revision of class activities and achievable for the individual.


Tasks should be set on a weekly basis.
Individual classroom practice remains at the discretion of the teacher.
Quality is an expectation in the preparation and completion of homework.
Recommended time allocations (per night) are as follows:

Written Reading
Year One 5 mins (Term 2-4) 10 mins
Year Two 10 mins 10 mins
Year Three 10 mins 10 mins
Year Four 20 mins 15 mins
Year Five 20 mins 15 mins
Year 6/7 30 mins 20 mins
Prep No formal homework is set. Parents/Caregivers are encouraged to read to their students