Reporting and Complaints Procedure

From time to time parents will have concerns about issues that arise at school. It is important that concerns are dealt with in a fair and timely manner and have positive outcomes. It is also important to acknowledge that we are members of a Catholic community and therefore certain values and principles guide our behaviour and relationships. We are called to address the pastoral needs of our staff, families and community members. Our community also has lawful responsibilities to create safe learning environments. Therefore, addressing complaints is a very high priority.
The following is a guide for parents to follow in addressing and communicating a concern or complaint: 

  1. ​​In the first instance parents should approach the class teacher to seek clarification and support regarding a complaint / concern. Records of meeting taken. ​
  2. If the complaint / concern has progressed through the first step and a satisfactory outcome has not been reached, contact should be made with the leadership team. (Your year level leader APA Yrs. 3-6, APRE Yrs. P-2 or Principal) At this point it would be important to gather information and form a clear plan of action to address the concern / complaint. Records of meeting taken.  If the complaint / concern requires the support of guidance counsellor and other specialist staff, attempts should be made to engage the support team. Records of meeting taken. This stage may include a formal investigation process.​
  3. If step 2 does not produce a satisfactory outcome, Brisbane Catholic Education representatives may become involved in the process. The previous 2 stages are a requirement before any further actions can be taken. Brisbane Catholic Education representatives will form an action plan and solution in consultation with the family and school. Records of meeting taken. Please note if the complaint is involving the principal then BCE can be contacted.​​

Roles and Responsibilities ​

Successful implementation of the formal procedure is enhanced by each party demonstrating an intention to act accordingly.

​Role of Parents/carers and/or students
​Role of the School Personnel
  • Report concern to the person involved when appropriate to do so.
  • Address the issue, rather than trying to ignore it. 
  • State clearly and objectively the concern, giving specific instances where appropriate. 
  • Seek a solution that attempts to meet the needs of those concerned.
  • Refer matters that are relevant.
  • Contact the College to arrange a mutually convenient time for the matters to be discussed with key personnel. 
  • Being receptive to other points of view. 
  • Address the issues rather than the personalities involved​.

  • ​Listen to concerns with an open mind and seek to understand them.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Investigate any relevant issues carefully.
  • Commit to resolving any problems in ways that respect individuals and attempt to meet the needs of all concerned as fairly as possible.
  • Communicate clearly, sensitively and objectively.
  • Establish time lines for actions and review for any resolutions.

NOTE: if a complaint is related to alleged (a) Inappropriate behaviour (b) Sexual or physical abuse (c) Bullying (d) Criminal matters or (e) Serious injury (f) breach of Australian Privacy Principles there are similar procedures that the Principal needs to follow to address these sensitive topics. This follows Federal and State Legislation and BCE policy. Please contact the school principal. The Brisbane Catholic Education Student Protection Processes and Complaints Procedures are available here​​​.