An​​nual Improvement Plan​

​​​​​​​2019 -2023 School Strategic Plan​

The School Strategic Plan 2019 ​– 2023 was developed following consultation with the school community and our school external review (2018) and alignment with Brisbane Catholic Education Strategic Plans (2018-2020) and will guide our operation until 2023.

​​Strategic Plan Rochedale 2019 -2023.pdf

An​​nual Improvement Plan​

The plan focuses on the strategic intents identified in the 2019 – 2022 Strategic Plan along with Brisbane Catholic Education system initiatives and recommendations. ​

School Annual Plan
Annual Plan

 Achievements Report

​                       2019
Annual Plan
Annual Plan
Annual Plan 
   Achievments Report Achievements Report
Achie​​​ve​​men​​ts Report

To access the current school annual report, please visit the Brisbane Catholic Education school annual reports​ ​page.​