An​​nual Improvement Plan​

​​​​​​​The Annual Improvement Plan documents our school's goals for the year.  This plan was developed in consultation with members of the school community and was informed by various sources of data including:

  • School Improvement Review (2021)
  • Recommendations​​ from Compliance Reviews
  • BCE Listens Survey Data
  • RE Validation report
  • Other school data available

Explicit Improvement Agenda

According to the National School Improvement Tool (NSIT), “the school leadership team and/or governing body establish and drive a strong improvement agenda for the school, grounded in evidence from research and practice and expressed in terms of improvements in measurable student outcomes. Explicit and clear school-wide targets for improvement need to be set and communicated to parents and families, teachers and students, with accompanying timelines” (ACER 2012, p. 2). 

The evidence-based School’s Explicit Improvement Agenda (EIA) should focus, and to some extent narrow and sharpen the whole school’s attention to core learning priorities.

An​​nual Reports

To access the current school annual report, please visit the Brisbane Catholic Education school annual reports​ ​page.​