Parents as Partners

​​​Parent involvement in children's education and the general life of St Peter’s is both highly valued and a crucial component for the education of each child. We know that parents as children’s first educators are interested in working in partnership with the school so both home and school complement and support each other in the education and development of the children.

Parents and teachers meet at various times throughout the year to inform parents of year level information and student progress. There is a parent information session held at the beginning of each year. Formal individual parent and teacher meetings are scheduled for the end of Term One and then offered again at various stages throughout the year. Report cards are electronically published at the end of each semester. Parents are more than welcome to met with your child’s class teacher should you have concerns or questions regarding your child’s academic progress, social relationships or regarding a classroom matter. For some students our Student Support Team meets with parents to facilitate education plans for individual students and the ascertainment process.
There are many ways that you can be involved directly or indirectly in St Peter’s School life. Your involvement is welcome and encouraged.
  • Attend or plan social activities: a variety of events are held throughout the year, some school and some parent planned and organised.
  • Have active parental involvement in the everyday life of the school: help in the school Tuckshop, class room activities; excursions, Library, Read with students.
  • Attend educational forums: parents/guardians are given opportunities to join with guest speakers to discuss and be informed about relevant educational and childhood issues.
  • Join in school and Parish Community Masses and liturgies, weekly school assemblies and the Parish Sacramental Program.
  • Attend monthly Parent and Friends’ meetings (P&F) and help with school working bees and Parents and Friends organised activities
  • Stay up to date and informed through the various school communications tools (weekly newsletter, Facebook, BCE app, Parent Portal and class news). 

About the Parents & Friends Association

​​​​​The St Peter’s Parents & Friends Association (P&F) is a volunteer organisation made up of parents within the sc​hool​. Its role is to support the school community by fostering support and participation between parents/carers and school. It also provides a forum where parents can interact, seek information about the school's running, contribute and provide feedback and input, socialise and provide support for each other. The P&F operates within a constitution adopted from the Federation of Parents and Friends Associations of Catholic Schools in Queensland.

The P&F generally meets on the second Monday of the month at 7pm in the school library. Meetings are structured but informal. Each year in November a P&F committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee consists of: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
The P&F Association derives its income from the levy collected in the school fees and from fundraising and grant activities. The purpose of the levy is to support the school by providing donations for educational resources while participating in the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of the students. The fundraising and grant activities are held to raise extra funds while focusing on specific areas for development within the school. The major fundraiser is the biennial fete. Other fundraising and social events include Mother's Day stall and shared morning tea, Father’s Day BBQ breakfast. Discos and welcome BBQ, Trivia nights or other similar functions.

Class Parent Representatives: These are one or two volunteer parents from each class who liaise with the P&F, facilitate a caring, assisting and social environment and coordinate the fundraising events allocated to each class.​​


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